Monday, June 19, 2006


Anna is from Tampere, a lovely town surrounded by lakes in southern Finland. She finished her Master's degree in International Relations this spring and is now ready to explore the world. Her initial plan for the summer 2006 was to work on organic farms in Austria but she metamorphosed her mind in going to Indian Himalayas when she came to know about these trekking expeditions. She is looking forward to hiking and would also love to find her way to outstanding yoga centers.

Anna believes in keeping her life simple and is one of those rare people in the developing world who do not own a computer yet. She is a real nature girl and feels most like home in the middle of forest. Anna loves dancing, sewing and swimming in the lakes year around (there are more than 200, 000 lakes in Finland). She is also an excellent vegetarian cook. As regards to trekking in the Himalayas, she is scared of heights but as long as someone is holding her hand she is okay with even traversing along the steep cliffs.

Anna who cut her long hair short for the first time in life in May 2006 and is more than happy now, ready to move on in life.


anu said...

This is amazing! I'm very glad to meet you all :)

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