Monday, June 19, 2006


Nathalie lives in Sudbury, Canada and is an ardent lover of nature, Nat indulges into a lot of Canoeing and Biking and loves camping. She teaches Aerobics and works for Environmental Networking Initiative Project in Sudbury.

This is what Nathalie had to say about herself:
I'm Nathalie, I graduated from Environmental Studies and Geography in 2003 from U of Ottawa, Canada. Then I went on to study ecotourism at Sir Sanford Fleming College to combine my love for travel and tourism.

Usually I get junk mail in my inbox, however when I stumbled across the opportunity to find myself and do some soul searching in India... doing trekking... I figured why're only young once and for the first time I've paid off my student loans and have a bit extra cash to spare!

So I"m up for the challenge!!

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